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Ambiance Real Estate offers free education through our YouTube channel, virtual (on-line) and in-person seminars for the general public. We never ask for your name, email, telephone number or any obligation. Please see the links below for Seminar Schedules and information, or choose from the drop down menu above under Education/Seminars.

Ambiance Real Estate staff, agents, and brokers have been interviewed for publications in general real estate and real estate investing. It's founder, Jason Chu, MPH, MBA, has also been an ivy league Teaching Fellow in marketing, negotiations, and leadership, as well as a guest lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai School of Management. He co-authored a textbook used at San Francisco State University, and was a major contributor to an IBM Redbook.

Below is also an excerpt from the book, How to Purchase Your First Investment Property, and links to educational content for children and adults alike!

Ambiance also offers in-depth, and apprenticeship based training for ALL its incoming agents in-training. We firmly believe that fiduciary responsibility to our clients; and integrity in intent and in action, and honesty with all members of the general public and are the foundation for real estate and real estate financing practice. That is why ALL agents are required to learn how our founders practice real estate "side-by-side" with either the founding broker or a senior agent.

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Thank you for visiting our education section. Currently due to the SARS-CoV2 (CoViD 19) Pandemic, all live/in-person seminars are on hold. Please visit our YouTube channel for re-broadcasts of past seminars or to view some of our Video Casts.

Be Safe!

Our founder, Jason Chu, was featured in Claire Hultin's and Justin Hedemark's new book!

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