Ambiance® Real Estate STANDS OUT AND STANDS APART from other real estate companies, because OUR VALUES are outstanding and distinctive.


With roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego, and brokers serving Californians since 1983, Ambiance Real Estate has a long tradition of helping its customers weather and thrive in the ups and downs of real estate markets throughout the Golden State. We earn trusted, consultative relationships that can and have spanned generations. We help our clients and our community-at-large achieve financial security and success by creating, saving, leveraging, and sharing wealth through real estate.



Ambiance Real Estate strongly believes in giving back to the community. It starts by conducting business ethically, honestly and with integrity. We also offer free, no obligation, educational classes and materials in our live events and online to our customers and the public. And most importantly, at Ambiance we give back to the communities we do business in through charitable giving and service.

We at Ambiance Real Estate know that our actions or inactions have an impact on our customers and the communities in which we serve. Therefore, we pursue and safeguard our customers' interests and goals as our fiduciary priority. With a foundation of rock-solid ethics and integrity, we hold fast to our traditions of listening to our customers, keeping them informed, and educating them in the real estate process. We refuse to engage in dual agency transactions where Seller and Buyer are represented by the same agent due to conflicts of interest that may arise -- even uninentionally or inadvertently. Instead, with Seller and Buyer's permission , we will assign another agent in our office or suggest another Broker to represent the Buyer; we do not encourage off-market transactions; and we will not tout "sold over asking" in our marketing because of the moral hazard and incentive misalignment that markedly underpricing properties to "garner interest" may cause.

The days of feeling like your agent is wearing a plaid polyester sportjacket and shooting at you with fake finger pistols, or perhaps selling you a house like a hustler selling laptops out of the trunk of his car are over.


Not everyone can become an Ambiance Real Estate Agent. The agents that make the cut have distinguished educations and experience in holistic management, negotiations, marketing, finance, data analysis and statistics, information technology, education, and customer service. Many of our agents have international business experience, and speak multiple languages. Our founding agents and brokers have more than 80 years of combined experience in California real estate, and our new agents undergo rigorous, apprentice-based training unlike any other in the industry.

While technological advancements have yielded important, essential improvements in information access and transparency; we recognize that technology can also "muddle" the water with inaccurate data and flawed, one size-fits-all, algorithm-derived "estimates". Our agents are EXPERTS in real estate, and focus on the neighbourhoods and geographies they know best. Our agents choose an area of focus whether it is corporate relocation, leasing and portfolio management, residential sales and purchases, or commercial land sales and development.

We have an extensive network of expert contractors (carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians), pest and property inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, and handymen that we share freely with our customers and community.

We have expertise and clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Greater Metro Area, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County. We conduct marketing overseas and our clients often fly us to consult on purchases and sales throughout the Golden State.


As one of, if not the most important and largest purchases that people will make, purchasing your first, or even your fifth home, can be a daunting, nerve-wrecking experience. We emphasize a "people-first" approach with transparent, genuine, ethical , and professional service that bring our agents' depth and breadth of industry and geographic expertise to bear. We insist on preserving the human touch (even hand-holding if necessary), because real estate should not be about how many or how fast transactions are being closed, but instead, about how our customers' goals were reached and expectations were exceeded. We invite our clients to ask as many questions as they need, and do our best to answer them and bring additional insight or expertise to bear.

We recognize that while our results speak for themselves, our long-standing, often multi-generational, relationships with our loyal customers speak even louder -- with over 80% of our business from customer referrals.

We live in the Age of Information. But while technology (or tools) should make life and business easier, too many companies adopt technology for "flash, glitz, novelty, or coolness" -- or more simply "technology for technology's sake". At Ambiance we utilize technological tools to serve our customers better and to be well informed, but we know tech is no substitute for personal and professional interaction.

One "real estate" company CEO was interviewed and he said, "we are a Tech company operating in the real estate industy". Ambiance believes this is the wrong approach. Instead, we hold that Real Estate is a service industry, and Ambiance is a customer-focused service company -- PERIOD.


Our passion for service to our customers and our communities inspires us to be leaders who stand apart , stand out, and if we may be so bold, stand alone in the real estate industry. We will always preserve our traditions and culture of ethics above reproach, integrity, and excellence, but push for innovation and adopt technologies that improve transparency, access, professional collaboration, and customer service. We believe education is the key to an informed customer, the public, and well-trained agents. Ambiance is not a single-dimension real estate company, but an eco-system that serves our clients and brings the community together.

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