Buying with Ambiance

Knowledge is the key

OBVIOUS STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important investments that you can make for yourself or your family.

The statement is clear. But how do you best prepare for, select, and actually bid to buy that home is not so clear. That's where an experienced Ambiance agent can help you.

We can help you procure a pre-approval for home mortgage financing (a loan) that will enable you to 1) know how much you can afford, 2) most effectively compete against a bevy of "all-cash" buyers.

We listen to your family goals and needs. It's not about how many bedrooms or bathrooms or even square footage, albeit important criteria to ascertain; but instead it's about where you are in life. Are you buying because your children need to be in a better school district? Are you a single person who needs more room to work from home? Are you getting married or starting a family? Are you a retiree seeking to make that empty nest more manageable as you do some well-deserved traveling? Is there a particular need to be in a certain neighborhood for work? to be close (or not too close) to family? Where you are in life, and where you want to go are important in your search for a new home, and an agent not willing to listen to those details is remiss.

Let our "apprenticeship-trained" agents and experienced agents help you get that home for your current and future stages of life.

When you buy a home with Ambiance, our agents will perform a visual inspection to point out areas or items to be aware of; and while this cannot take the place of a home inspection report by a licensed building contractor or inspector, certainly our goal is to have you know "what you are getting into" as best as you can. We know what the red flags are, and will be there to point them out and point you to a qualified or licensed resource if needed.

We have agents who have been in real estate since 1983, with our current managing broker having started out in real estate sales in 1991. We know real estate, and we are here to help!