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How much can I afford?

When searching for your new home, it is vital to know that the market can move fast and leave the unprepared in the dust. Knowing how much you can afford, and demonstrating that to a home seller that you are able to complete a purchase transaction is the first step. Once you know what you can afford, then you can set your home criteria reasonably and rationally. We all want that dream home, but it is far better to have a home that is within your budget and ability so that you can sleep at night.

The highest negotiating power is usually given to those with "cash in the bank". But if you are like the majority of home buyers (especially first time home buyers) you will need to borrow money. Getting "pre-qualified", or even better, "pre-approved", or best, "pre-approved with underwriting completed" will help you compete against all-cash buyers, and improve your power in negotiating and to realistically "close" or complete a transaction in a desirable time frame (usually between 21 and 30 days).

We at Ambiance Real Estate can either connect you with lending agents at major banks whom we have worked with before and find are "at the top of their game", with a mortgage broker who works with multiple local, regional, internet, or national banks to get you a very competitive interest rate, or we can connect you with an in-house, Ambiance Real Estate, NMLS licensed mortgage/lending agent who can help you apply for and navigate the lending process -- starting with a loan application and the pre-qualification or pre-approval letter that tells you how much of a loan you can reasonably expect, and thus, how much you can really afford. Please note that due to potential conflict of interest, if you work with an Ambiance Real Estate NMLS-licensed loan/mortgage agent, our company policy forbids an Ambiance Real Estate real estate agent from engaging in the sale or purchase of the property for which the loan is being acquired.

See our YouTube channel or attend one of our virtual or in-person seminars for general education in real estate finance and the loan process. There is NEVER any obligation. We don't even ask you to leave your name, email or telephone. An informed public and clientele pays dividends of its own!


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